Our Mails
from South Africa ; from Japan

Hello it's Teda

I spent my first night with Kathryn and we did many things. First I
went to class music. It was great fun and then I went to extra
lessons. I had pizza for supper and then I watched T.V and went to
bed. The sun set at 19:00. It was a very fun day .

Love from Teda and Kathryn.

I spent the second night with Dane. I helped him with his
homework and had to look up dictionary definitions. I showed him
the island of Okinawa on the map. We swam in his home pool.
The water temperature was 23 degrees even though it was raining a

Teda and Dane

My new friends are sending the parcel tomorrow,
Thursday, 20 February.
Hi, Teda! How does your city and school look like?
I got many questions.
What kinds of classes do you have?
Who is your favorite teacher?
What did you do in the music class?
Which South African food do you like?
Here in Okinawa, we are going to plan welcome party for
the Teddy coming from South Africa tomorrow.
Please tell Kathryn and Dane that I am saying gThank youh for helping you
write us.
See you then!
With love,Asobu Nakayashiro
Hello friends

I had lots of fun yesterday. First watched TV with Alex's sister
while Alex did her homework then that night we had supper and
went to a reharsal for Alex's parents cabaret.I had fun. Alex's mom
is a good singer. Then we went home. When I woke up Alex's dad
brought us some hot chocolate.

Lots of love Teda
P.S. I stay with Alex.

Hi, Alex and Teda! Wow! Alexfs parents do cabaret!! How cool!!!
What TV did you watch?
What kind of homework did Alex do for his sister?
How is class? Who is your favorite teacher, and why?
Best wishes, Asobu Nakyashiro