Mail from South Africa

Hello Friends
Thank you very much for all the presents and the bear called Teda
he is a lovely present and I really love him and his toys you should
expect lots of present coming your way but we have to bye them
first I hope I can visit you but that is just a dream.Well you never
know cant wait to hear from you
lots of love
from Kristen de Meillon(I am 11 years old and my friends are
Heather, Tamsin,we going to make homes for our swans) thank you.

Dear Friends
My name is Bradford Marshall.I am 11years old and I am in Mrs
Joan Philp's class(Grade 6).Thank you very much for our wonderful
things you gave us,it was a wonderful suprise to me.You are very
kind to have thought of us.You must have gone through a lot of
work to have had made the card and all, and I thank you again.
What is it like in Japan?From the postcards you gave us it looks
like you live in a great city.The town I live in is called George.It is
quite near the sea.We have a big mountains near our town called
the Outeniqua Mountains.I find the paper folding oragami very
interesting.It is amazing what you did with the paper you sent us.
Kind Regards

Dear Friends
My name is Ramsay I've got one sister Im quite short and I am 11
turning 12 years old I am in grade 6 I' ve got black hair and dark
brown eys and thats all can say.
kind regards Ramsay
Thanx so much for all the presents I loved them all Teda is so cute.
Love Christy

Hi everyone in Japan
Thank-you very much for Teda and all the gifts.
We will send a teddy to you and sume gifts as well.
Is Teda a girl or a boy?
I wound like a pen pal.
I am Megan. I'm 11
Kind regards

Dear Friends
My name is Chanlee. I am 13 years old and I have two brother and
one died and one sister I am in Grade.6 I am the tallest in my
class I have eyes that change colour I have black hair.
kind regards Chanlee

Dear friends
thank-you very much for the lovely presents oh and teda he's so two friends and i have decided to make a little home
for our name is Heather Mackenzie i have blonde hair
and blue eyes. I have one brother and one sister Craig and
Sharon.and i have 4 dogs and 1 cat.oh by the way the chocolate is
delicious. I must go hope to hear from you soon!
lots of love
Heather Mackenzie{i am 11years old turning 12 on the 22 of April}

Dear Friends.............
Thanx for sending us Teda and all the other lovely gifts,we really
like them.I got a cartoon postcard,a pink keyring and a blue
oragami bird.My name is Corne,I am 11years old.I've got one
brother, my farther live's in Mossel Bay and me and my brother live
with my mother in George.I play hockey,netball and swimming as
my sports at school.For my swimming I made the Western
Province team.
I really like the idea of us exchanging teddies.
Lotse Love,Corne.

Dear My New Friends
Thanx so much for Teda, he is so cute.Thanx too, for the gifts. I
especially liked the key rings. The oragami is very interesting. We
are going to take turns to look after Teda. We'll send you some
gifts soon.
My name is Jessica. I have 1 real sister, 1step sister and 1 step
brother. I am eleven years old. Our school is in George and is
probably very different to yours.
Teda says even though he is missing you he is enjoying himself.
Kind Regards

Dear Friends,
Thanks for the exchange student! He is so cute! The chocolates
were so delicous! Thank you for the key-rings, can you tell us
what's inside them? The postcards are so cool! Our names are
Marc Seegmuller and Craig Middleton. Marc's dad is a pilot. He
loves Japanese food. Craig's mom is a teacher at Holy Cross Pre-
Primary School. Please write back soon.

Dear Friends
My name is Natalie
Thank you so much for Teda she or he is so cute.
We will love and care for her or him I PROMISE and a
promise is a promise! We will send you something soon as soon
as we get it got to go I hope we get to meet one day!Oh and thanx
for alltose things you gave us, they where COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kind regards Natalie
P.S. I think Teda is missing you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Friends
My name is Awonke and I am 12 years I have one
brother and one sister. I'm in Gr. 6 . I like to play cricket,
soccer, rugby and hockey.
Kind regards
Dear Friends
Thanks so much for Teda and those key rings,chocolates and
all the rest you sent us.They are very interesting.My name is
Dane Carfoot.

Dear Friends.
Hi my name is Lily Ray Walker.I just ternd twelve.I injoy horse
riddindg, hockey, athletics and modleing.I was one of the top fify
beautiful girls in South Africa.I have a brother and sister. my
perents are divorst and they are both merried I have two step
sisters.Thanx for Teda its the cutest teddy I've ever seen. Every
one is fighting over him or her.Hope you like are teddy as much as
we love yours. Kind regards Lily Walker

Dear Friends
Thank you so much for all the gifts you gave to us.
I love Teda he is so cute I love his hat and his bib.
I have short brown hair and blue eyesand I am 12.
I play lots of sports eg swimming,rugby,hokey,tennis and much
more.God bless thanks again
From Simon Askew

Dear Friends
My name is Catherine Mc Gregor. I am 11yrs old and am turning
12 on the 29 September. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister they are all
younger than me. Thank-you for the lovely presents you sent us we
will all treasure them.The post cards are very pretty and the
chocolates were very tasty. Teda is enjoying her stay very much
she has been with us at computers and learnt alot of maths and
how to play games and send e-mails she was at break with us and
getting alot of attention. Today we are going to have a draw to see
who will take her home. I hope I get to take her home.
My e-mail is 04mcgc
Thanx again
your friend

Dearest Friends
Thanks for all the effot that you put into the gifts we loved them.
We did not expect to get so much. My friend Jade wants to know
did you make the chocolate, birds and postcards your self.
We loved the chocolate it was delishes.The teddy Teda is adorable.
When you get our parcel I hope you'll like it.
Thanks again.
Kinds regards Tammy and Jade.

Dear friends
Tank you very much for those keyrings,chocolate,postcard
and oragami My name is James I enjoyed the chocolate.
I enjoy sport and watching T.V

Dear friends
My name is Murray Middleton thanx 4 teda I am sure he is going
to have a hektic time in SA with his adventures and all.
Thanx 4 the choclate,the swan and the post card.
we could'ent decide if Teda was a boy or girl so if you know please tell us.

Dear friends
Hi, my name is Candice,thanx so much for Teda he's so cute! The
chocy was yumy and the stuff in the little bottles was very nice.
got to go.
kind regards Canice.

Dear Friends
Thank you for the gifts I loved Teda thanks for everything the
postcards were very cute, the bird was too.What is in the bottles I
got a pink one it is lovely.The chocolates were delicious.

Dear Friends
For the first time Mrs Philp told us about "Teda".As she was telling
us about her Teda arrived.We want down to the hall and open the
box.Thanx for the great gifts.They are all so beautiful.Teda is going
to have fun.
My name is Alex and I am 11.
Kind regards from Alex.

Dear Friends
My name is Roxanne Langdon, I go to school at Holy Cross
Primary, I have a mother, a father, and 1 sister.
Thank you for Teda, he is getting a lot of love and attention.
We are taking good care of him.
We were very surprised that you don't even know us, but you gave us
the most beautiful gifts. Thank you so much for doing this project with us,
it means so much to us that you went to all that trouble for strangers.
I find it very interesting that you can make such wonderful things using
only your hands and some paper. I thank you once again.
Kind regards   
Roxanne Langdon.

Dear Friends
Thank you for everything, Teda is great,and thank you for all the
rest. I loved the oragami.
Kind regards

Dear Friends
Thank you very much for the lovely gifts. I really
liked the key-rings and the chocolates. My name is
Andre'. I am a very good swimmer and my hobbies
are hunting and horse riding. I am turning 12 this year.
Please write back
Kind regards

Dear Friends
Thank you so much for the sweets,the post
cards the bottles and thank you for Teda!!!!
He is so cute!!!
I've never got anything from overseas before
and I am very grateful!!
We have sent you a bear too and hope it will get there soon!

My name is Natasha Jane Fivaz.
I have green eyes,long brown hair and
my skin is pale white.I am 11 turning 12 in
April.My birthday is the 22nd of April.
I have a sister,she is 8 years old and a
brother,he is 3 years old.
They both drive me up the wall.
I am the eldest.
I have to go now.
Kind regards