Teddy bear Project

"Chura" wearing Okinawan design Bingata.
What's the Teddy Bear Project?

It is one of the most popular programs of all iEARN projects.
Dolls sent to each other work as exchange students in this project.
(The doll doesn't have to be Teddy Bear.)
We learn each other's culture.

What is the process for the Teddy Bear Project?

Sending a doll, like a Teddy Bear, to the school that is supposed to be your partner school in the project is the first step.
A doll that captures your country and is associated with your culture is ideal.
Those dolls representing your local community, or soft dolls that don't be broken easily,
such as Teddy Baers would be good to send.
Dolls had better be named something that seems to be typical from your country before they are sent.
When you get a doll from your partner school, it'd be nice to have a welcome party for the doll.

Put up this "exchange student" from a foreign country in student's homes by turns.
During the doll's stay, students are supposed to substitute for the doll
and wite down what the doll sees and does in a diary each day.
Translate your diary into English and send it to your partner regulary.
If you send some pictures of the scene where the doll is having lunch,
hanging around the town and or doing something with you as well, your partner would be very happy.
You can put in your diary lots of imformation that captures your life more than
any kinds of formal guide book of your country can.
Lots of questions are expected bound to come out and you can ask them freely to each other through e-mails.
When the period which you set before hand is over, the "exchange student" should be back to its own coutry return home with a diary full of memories in a foreign coutry.